You never know exactly when a hurricane might hit but you can always protect your home and be ready for one. Not all homes that are located near a body of water are subject to hurricanes and similar weather, but homes that are subject to hurricane and hurricane-related weather need to be protected and prepared for the possibility that their ground level (and even higher) property might get damaged during a hurricane.

When it comes to weather-proofing your homes to prepare yourself for a hurricane we've got some tips you can use. First, if your real estate property has a garage then you need to secure it right away. Almost 80% of all hurricane damage begins with wind entered through the doors of the garage. Most garage doors are lightweight and therefore will come off easily during a hurricane. To ensure that from happening reinforce your garage doors or install impact resistant garage doors.

You should then move on to the windows of your garage and the home itself. Impact resistant windows are the way to go, as they will withstand flying debris as fast as 34 miles per hour coming at them. Storm shutters for your windows are also a good investment.

This next tip might sound crazy but it's true. Glue down your roof. Yes, we said glue your roof. Pick up some premium flooring adhesive and glue your roof's underside at the point the support beams and roof meet. You should also make sure that you check any trees on your property to see if they are cracking, damaged or diseased. During a hurricane they'll fall down easily and damage your home. If you find something wrong with any tree your best bet is to just cut it down now before it falls down on your home.

If you dream has always been to live in a home with the ocean right outside your windows or near another body of water you should do everything you can to hurricane-proof your home. The more damage you can prevent the better it will be for you and your home in the long run. We just want you to be as safe as possible if a hurricane or strong winds start up around your home and hopefully the tips we've given you above to hurricane-proof your home have been a great help. If you are about to buy a property and want to know how structurally sound the building would be during a bad storm, ask your Housemaster home inspector what they think.

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