When it comes to owning a home there are a lot of things you're going to be in charge of such as paying any monthly bills like the mortgage, heating or cable TV bills, fixing any repairs that need to be done and maintaining the exterior appearance by mowing the lawn or shoveling the walks on a regular basis. Those are just a few tasks you'll be in charge of making sure are taken care of on a regular basis as a homeowner. It's a lot of work to own a home and if you have a family you're also tasked with keeping your family safe and cared for while they are at home.

For example in the event of a fire do you feel confident enough that you and your family would know how to react during such an occurrence? If for some reason you don't have a fire escape plan in place for you and your family then now is the time to get one put into place. Creating a fire escape plan isn't that hard either and if you follow the steps we've outlined below you and your family will know exactly what to do if a fire was to ever break out.

Step 1: Draw up your home's floor plan. Make sure to include every level of your home in your floor plan.

Step 2: Include any and all emergency exits on each floor of your home that can be used as possible escape routes. These can include windows, doors, and stairwells.

Step 3: Try to diagram at least two escape routes for every room in your home, if possible. The more exits you have access to the better.

Step 4: Decide if any member of your family needs help escaping such as a young child or elderly grandparent and come up with a plan to save them first quickly.

Step 5: Choose a spot for everybody to meet up and ensure everyone's safe after escaping the fire. Your neighbor's home, community centers, and the nearest streetlight are a few good meeting spot examples.

Step 6: Wait to call the fire department until you've escaped the fire in your home. Don't waste time calling them during your escape and wait till you're out of harm's way to do so.

Step 7: Practice, practice, practice. Hold practice fire drills throughout the year so that if a fire ever broke out you'll be prepared.

That's it. Now you can make your own fire escape plan so go do it!

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