Booking a vacation can be a pain if you have to find a room and car, a flight, and your attraction tickets separately. For those who don't have a lot of time to plan their vacations, why not go for an all inclusive package? You'll get everything you need in one easy booking, and often at a cheaper price than booking separately. This article will walk you through making an all inclusive package booking and what is and is not usually included in your all inclusive package.

All inclusive packages are generally offered through travel agencies, because travel agents are able to have their fingers in several pies all at once. They have connections with hotel chains and airlines and attraction ticket vendors and restaurants while the owner of a hotel or an airline would have to make a special effort to connect up with a provider who can fill in the gaps in the services he or she offers. Therefore your best bet for an all inclusive trip is an agency, either online (such as or in person (such as Blowes Travel).

When you take an all inclusive vacation booked through an agency, you get everything you need to survive on your vacation, which means your transportation, accommodation, and meal vouchers. Tickets to attractions such as castles where famous Britons used to live may or may not be included, so talk to your travel agent. In many cases, you can specify or choose from a list the attraction tickets you want included with your vacation package. In others, you simply receive a multi-attraction ticket booklet created by the city's tourism board.

You will also see the term "all inclusive" used to describe vacations taken at resorts, usually in places like the Caribbean or Mexico. In this case, all inclusive usually means your flight, room, meals, as well as drinks at the bar and activities (such as windsurfing lessons or snorkeling) that are put on by the resort. If you want your time away from your daily grind to include actual interactions with locals or tours of the city proper, those day trips will usually be extra, because resorts tend to be very insular.

In any situation where you're booking all inclusive, never assume that every single thing you want or need will be included, because everyone has their own definition. Questions to ask include whether airport taxes and surcharges are in factored in, whether you have to arrange your own transportation from your resort to the airport and from the airport to the hotel, what your meals include, and whether any attraction tickets are included in the package.

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