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Where Does Canada Fall On The Crime Spectrum?

Canada is a great country in many aspects. It’s 33+ million people live in a fairly cohesive and harmonious society. Some of the more common incidents in other parts of the world like mass shootings, genocide, gang-related violence, and other things are much less common in the Canada.

Where Does Canada Fall?

To highlight this point, here’s a look at some hard figures.

Here is a list of countries and their homicide rates by region taken from

UNODC murder rates most recent year
Region Rate Count
    Africa 17.0 169,105
    Americas 15.4 144,635
    Asia 3.1 127,120
    Europe 3.5 24,025
    Oceania 2.9 1,180
       World 6.9 466,078

As you can see, the America’s is second only to Africa for homicide rate and is first among the developed world. Breaking down the America’s further, we find that Canada actually has a rate of 1.6 people per 100,000 are victims of homicide. This is actually the lowest rate in the Americas.

Where Do The Rest of The America’s Come In?

A few other countries in the America’s are as follows:

The United States: 4.7

Mexico: 23.7

Peru: 10.3

Guatemala: 38.5

As is fairly obvious by those numbers, Latin America still has issues with homicide and crime in general. Even compared with other areas that we normally associate with violence, such as Qatar in the middle East or perhaps even some of the countries in Africa, Latin America has issues. In fact, Qatar’s homicide rate is only 0.9 people per 100,000; well below the US, Canada, and certainly almost all of Latin America.

Why Does Canada Have Less Crime?

Canadian’s and their aversion to homicide can be attributed to a few things. First off, a quote taken from, Professor of Criminology Neil Boyd from Simon Fraser University says:

“I think the most significant factor is probably the demographic shift, but I think as a culture we’ve become a somewhat more civilized and somewhat more rights-conscious society.”

As demographics shift, and people become more aware of their rights and their less-than-popular infringement on the rights of others, crime rates should follow and continue to move in a downward trend. Additionally, recent advances in criminology, forensic sciences, and other law enforcement tactics have greatly increased the chance murderers and thieves are caught; this helps to dissuade would-be criminals from partaking in their hearts desire.

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