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Weight-Training-Women-Dumbbell-Circuit-WorkoutAs people struggle to find solutions to their ever burgeoning weight, the debate continues to rage about the best ways of managing weight. The weight problem is an issue that people have been tackling for a long time and whereas a few people testify of having conquered this huge monster, many people still languish with the problem not knowing how to overcome their obesity and attain healthy or more preferred weights.

The obesity problem in modern times is hugely attributed to the foods that we feed on and the modern lifestyles that we have. The food that we eat today is very different from what our ancestors ate. Our ancestors usually ate whole healthy foods that they usually harvested from their own farms. The foods they ate usually consisted of a big percentage of whole grains or whole grain flour, vegetables, herbs, fruits, and nuts.

Today the larger population of people do not do any farming. Most people have occupations in other white collar and blue collar jobs that have nothing to do with growing food. As such, these people depend on buying food.

The food production industry has however developed so much technologically and much of the work is mechanized. The food production industries are able to produce a lot of food very fast. Since these food producers are basically business oriented, their goal is usually to sell as much as possible. To do this they enhance or modify the basic whole foods to make them more marketable. They usually do this by making them tastier and more attractive.

To make the food tastier, whole foods such as whole cereals are separated from their course fiber and any other less palatable elements. The remaining matter is then mixed with sugars, fats and other additives to make it more palatable, durable, and attractive e.g. flour and sugars are usually made whiter.

The resulting foods have very little nutrition and lots of fats, sugars, and other additives that are very instrumental in weight gain due to their loads of calories. Since the modern day man hugely depends on these processed foods for his sustenance, he subsequently has to seek strategies to control his body weight.

One of the ways of managing body weight today is weight lifting. Weight lifting is an exercise where the participant repeatedly lifts weights using different muscles in the body. The lifting of weights helps the body to burn huge amounts of calories and hence help manage body weight.

While lifting weights, safety measures should be observed such as always training while in the company of a trainer, especially for the beginners. While weight lifting, it is also important to have the necessary weightlifting gear such as the right weightlifting shoes.

To be effective in weight lifting, it is important to exert oneself as much as possible to burn as many calories as possible. This should however be done with the guidance of a fitness coach to avoid overstraining.

While weightlifting, one can monitor the rate at which they are burning calories in their body by the use of calorie counter watches.

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