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kayaking zzzKayaking is now considered a popular outdoor recreational activity for those who love the great outdoors and want to spend quality time with friends and family members. In kayaking, a group of friends can explore streams and rivers with minimal carbon imprint on the environment. It’s also used as a platform for other popular outdoor recreational activities like fishing and diving. It is now a common practice to use a kayak as a mode of transportation when it comes to freshwater fishing and diving. The individual can simply paddle his way to the deeper part of the river or sea to start fishing or to take a quick swim. Thanks to its popularity, kayaking and guided canoe trips have become popular attractions in many travel destinations in different parts of the world including Canada. But its popularity comes at a price. Today, it is now common to hear news stories about kayaking-related accidents.  But all these can be avoided by keeping in mind a few safety steps and tips when using a kayak or canoe for trips and explorations. Here are some safety tips and recommendations you should follow and remember in case you are planning a trip that includes kayaking.

Never Paddle Alone

Solitary excursions and explorations provide a moment of relaxation and introspection, but can also create problems especially when kayaking.  The rivers and streams can be challenging, and an unknown terrain can intimidate and create problems for a person who travels alone. In many cases, the waters are frigid, which can be painful to the body. All these factors should convince anyone not to take the kayak alone. If you need to paddle alone to get some space or to personally explore the area, you may want to inform a friend about your paddle plans and your expected time of return so they can act immediately in case something goes wrong.

Pack a Dry Bag With Cellphone or Signaling Device

One way to be safe when kayaking is to bring a signaling device. You’ll never know what will happen in the waters- the boat may capsize, or the current may take you to places you’re not too familiar with. This is where a signaling device can help. If the kayak overturned and you got swept down the river, you can use the signaling device to call attention or ask for help. You can also bring a whistle or a cell phone that you can use to call for assistance.

Other Safety Reminders to Keep In Mind

If kayaking is your sport and favorite recreational activity, then it’s best to invest in a tough kayak. It will serve as your regular partner when exploring the rivers and streams, so it’s only logical that you want to use a kayak designed and constructed with quality in mind. Also, try to include life jackets in your checklist. You need to bring and wear one even if the sun’s up and shining. And if possible, attend a kayaking seminar before indulging in this activity. Some local governments host free seminars for locals and tourists alike.

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