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Canoeing-ButtonCanada may not one of those countries that come to mind when it comes to a tropical travel adventure, but when it comes to outdoor adventure for friends, it offers a list that can make anyone smile. As the second largest country in terms of land area, Canada offers a spectacular view of nature, available in different adventure packages. What makes this country popular among travelers and tourists is the availability of World Heritage sites- there are 17 sites that can appeal to a diverse set of tourists and travelers. But with so many travel destinations and heritage sites on offer, how does one select the best destination and outdoor adventure? Here are some popular destinations and activities that can be tried out by groups of friends looking for adventure and fun.

Explore and Experience the Great Lights

When it comes to nature appreciation, only a few can beat the colorful experience one gets in the Blachford Lake Lodge. This is not your ordinary tourist trap- this is the best place to watch and experience the epic shifting of the colors of light. A trip to this location is part of a Canadian travel signature experience that allows your group to watch the Aurora Borealis in action. There are a number of viewing decks available that lets you appreciate the lights, powered by 1,000,000 mile per hour solar winds. If you happen to visit the area during, you can use the extra time during the day to hike and go fishing using your preferred recreational kayak. During winter, you can take your friends on a skating adventure and experience the countryside. Make sure to arrange a reservation from August to October, or from December to April to get the best out of the lights.

Go Kayaking and Canoeing in BC

The scenic regions of British Columbia offer the best opportunities for tourists and travelers the best adventure possible. It is home to ten mountain ranges, thousand year old trees and waterways that are great for outdoor adventures. Some of BC’s waterways are glacier-fed streams and rivers, making these the perfect areas for whitewater kayaking and paddling. The jagged coastlines and availability of coves make kayaking in BC more exciting that will definitely work for groups of friends looking for adventure. Regular kayaks can work on these streams, but should you plan to head off to large waterways or the ocean on the west, a touring kayak may be best.

If you prefer canoeing, British Columbia is also the perfect destination. You can head to Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit or the Wells Gray Provincial Park, home to picture-perfect waterfalls.

Discover Remote Ontario

Canoeing can also help you explore the wonders of Ontario, particularly Wabakimi Provincial Park. The park is home to a network of interconnected rivers and lakes, making the park a great option for paddlers and those who love canoeing. This remote wilderness is also home to a diverse wildlife, making this a good spot for hunting and sport fishing.

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