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Dwarf Prisoner. Photo credit here.

Dwarf Prisoner. Photo credit here.

A couple from Maryland in the USA was recently caught in Canada according to the news source The couple, Mathew Nicka and Gretchen Peterson, were apprehended in August boarding a plane to Vancouver, BC. The couple was wanted by the US Marshal Service in relation to a crime ring of sorts involving 2,200 pounds of marijuana.


Mathew and Gretchen escaped the US and fled to Canada thinking they would be safe, however Canadian officials promptly apprehended them in a suspenseful manner at the airport. As most people know, Canada does not have non-extradition laws with regards to US citizens and works closely with the US government.


After successfully taking these two would-be crooks into custody, the US Marshal service is focusing on a new target: one of the top lieutenants in the operation. His name is Jeffrey Putney; also known as “Tom,” “Jeffy,” or “JP.”


Mr. Putney is wanted in relation to the same criminal gang however he is suspected to be more of a ring leader as opposed to just a soldier.


Mr. Burke, trained as a US marshal, stated the following:


“Now we’re refocusing our efforts on Putney and hoping to reunite him with his friend and partner Nicka in a federal facility.” What are Mr. Putney’s chances? Not so good. Law enforcement is getting better and better at tracking, finding, and apprehending these types of people as time goes on.


How Successful Is Law Enforcement In Catching Criminals?


The criminal justice system has a pretty good reputation when it comes to catching criminals. Through extensive training, technology, and tried-and-true methods, the success rate to crack down on criminal mischief is an impressive number.


The FBI, for example, has caught 94% of it’s fugitives on it’s Top 10 Most Wanted list since the 1990’s; a feat that is impressive to say the least. While most criminals are caught on camera, caught immediately after or during the crime, or perhaps even before they commit the crime, the rare few that are able to operate with seemingly no barriers for an extended period of time are, most of the time, brought to justice.


As we saw in the case of the Boston Bombing in 2013, when the criminal justice system decides to catch someone and enlists the help of all the branches, as well as the public, the success rate is staggering. As law enforcement practices continue in both the US and Canada, as well as technological advancements, criminals will have less and less of a chance of success.


Crime rates are dropping on a year-over-year basis which is a testament to the fortitude of the criminal justice system in Canada, the US, and throughout the developed world.

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