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restless lifestyleMy life is usually quite hectic. I am always working hard in my place of work and I hardly have time to relax or engage in other sociable or fun activities. I am however not complaining. I actually love my job. My dedication to my job is hugely self-driven. I am passionate about what I do and I love it when I get positive results from what I do.

I work as a marketer. I am the head regional marketer of the company I work for.

I work in a soft drinks company that is a major international player. Competition is usually very stiff in our line of trade and we have to always stay on our toes to beat or stay at par with the competition. My work is especially hard since the state I oversee records the highest number of all soft drink sales. As such, all soft drink companies want to get a lion share of the sales in this state.

I am therefore usually preoccupied at all times with plans of how we can be able to get one over the competition. I am also always following up and coordinating with teams on the ground working to get our product to sell more.

I am usually very early coming into the office. I am normally earlier than the people who work under me. I do not blame them for coming after me though, I realize that I am a workaholic and whereas they could have other responsibilities such as family, I do not have any other responsibilities other than my job.

I am a bachelor. I have never been able to get a woman whom I could love more than my job, and if I cannot love a woman more than my job, then I do not believe I can be a very good husband to her. Therefore, I have happily remained single.

During the day, I am usually at my desk working on my laptop, answering phone calls, planning, or having meetings with other managers strategizing and getting updates of work around the state.

Many times I do not break for lunch or any other breaks. For most of my days, the only thing that I take is some strong coffee, of which my secretary dutifully ensures that there is always a hot mug available.

In the evenings, I work late and I am one of the last people to leave the office. By the time I am leaving the office, I am usually quite tired and hungry. I usually then go to one of the eateries on my way home, grab a quick meal, then go home to rest ready for the next day.

My personal doctor the other day told me that my health was not very good due to my poor eating habits. He instructed me to be eating more food and especially healthy nutritious foods. To help me recover my health, the doctor gave me some protein powders and some vitamin supplements.

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