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Leaving Animals Out In The Cold

Believe it or not, even though most animals are quite resilient when it comes to their environment and surroundings, many animals have to be in the right climate to survive. Even though humans can survive in tropical weather, but also head North and live in the arctic, animals don’t necessarily have all the resources that we do to be able to pull that off. This is why it is so important that you are wary about animals being left out in the cold.


If you take a look at the animals fit for cold weather you will realize that they have innate traits about them that make them fit for harsh temperatures. The lemming, for instance, is a very furry bird that almost resembles a flying “fur ball”. However it’s not their fur that fully does the job; they have to burrow into the snow to stop the harsh winds from disrupting their flying patterns, and to stay warm! Who would have known that burrowing into the snow could actually keep you warm? These animals know what they have to do to survive in their given environment. Wolves are another species of animal that are good at surviving in harsh climates. Arctic wolves, as opposed to other kinds of wolves, have shorter frames which combines well with their thick fur coat that they wear.


Survival is something mankind hasn’t really had much problems with. We know how to survive in different climates, and don’t need to burrow into the ground to do so. With that said, it’s important that we try and “give back” to the environment as much as possible. Living in an ecofriendly apartment is one great way to ensure that you are doing your part in helping out the ecosystem. Eco-friendly apartments take up very little energy which will ultimately help out these poor creatures who are finding their environments destroyed and changed. The fur ball lemming is meant to survive in the cold, not in the tropics. Let’s make sure that the arctic doesn’t turn into the tropics, and be a little more aware of our environment.

Leaving Animals Out In The Cold Credit Picture License: Arctic Wolf Pictures via photopin cc

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