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CanoePlanning a travel adventure with family members require attention to detail, from the destination to the kinds of activities that you need you need to cover. It is not best to rely on the hottest destinations around and highly-rated activities, when you’re with kids, you select activities based on the fun and safety factor. And it wouldn’t hurt if the chosen activities involved a discovery and appreciation of nature. By using these parameters, a person planning for a family adventure can easily come up with a short-list of activities that can be scheduled in Canada or beyond. Two activities that are definitely worth sharing are kayaking and guided canoe trips.

Why Kayaking and Guided Canoe Work for Everyone

Whether you are planning to kayak or a guided canoe trip at the Nahanni River on the Nahanni National Park Reserve in the Northwest Territories of Canada or beyond the border, you can count on this activity to provide healthy entertainment for everyone. The great thing about this outdoor activity its that it can be done by group, and allows everyone to commune with nature. In today’s practice where kids get entertainment from gaming consoles and the internet, a canoe trip navigating some of the best rivers in the region is a perfect way for kids to pause and reconnect with nature. In fact, according to some studies and researches, spending time in nature helps a person relax and ‘feel more alive’. One such study was published by the Journal of Environmental Psychology and suggests that interaction with nature can help fuel the soul. It explains that people who planned excursions and nature immersions are more likely to feel alive and active. And this is exactly what family members can get if they can plan out a kayaking or guided canoe tours. This outdoor activities allow everyone to reconnect with nature and feel better.

Kayaking using a high-quality kayak is also a great physical activity and exercise for everyone. Instead of simply sitting around and appreciating the river and the natural setting, the grown-ups in the group can take turns paddling around the river or lake. Also, the kayak itself can serve as a durable platform where one can jump into the river and enjoy a quick swim.

Don’t Forget Safety When Kayaking

Since you are traveling and kayaking with the family, it pays to incorporate the safety of everyone in the plan. If you are with kids, you may want to include life jackets into the bag. It is also best to take them to swimming lessons before taking them to kayaking or guided canoe tours. Got dogs with you? If yes, there are kayaks designed for dogs.  Also called a tandem kayak, this is best for a couple, or an individual who wants to enjoy the waters with his dog.

Make your next planned travel and excursion work; include kayaking or a guided canoe tour in your plans. Kayaking allows your family to enjoy the great outdoors while building camaraderie along the way.

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