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This past September, Alberta announced that it had cut more than 50%, or $ 13 million, from the school districts budgets for online education programs. This change will effect thousands of students who are either too far from their local school district or whose health demands regular absences, and will make it harder for them to get their education.


Even some elementary students are no longer guaranteed that their nearest school district will be able to afford the distance learning online courses.

As teachers from Alberta and nearby areas continue to protest the changes, some teachers have begun looking for ways that they can help students who are affected by such drastic budget cuts. Here are a few ways that teachers can help students who have been, or will be, effected by the new education budget.

1. Offer College Education Classes

One of the best ways for secondary institutions can help, is to help is to give high school students the opportunity of studying online to become an educator. Many students may opt to take online teaching programs to help open up small home-schooling groups in their local areas. By offering the services while the students are in high school, then students are able to get a significant leap ahead on helping to bridge the educational gap that will be left without the proper funding for online education.

2. Raise Money to Help Teachers Relocate

This maybe of the biggest help for teachers of elementary-aged children, whose salaries are not as high as their peers who teacher upper grade levels. Help teachers open small schools based on the curriculum of the nearby school district is a great way to help ensure local children receive the education needed to succeed.

3. Develop Mail-In Curricula

For students who live too far to attend, are home schooled, or whose health prevents regular attendance, building an accredited mail-in distance learning course can be a great way to help distance learning students ensure that they are receiving the education they need. Such mail-in courses are still offered in many places to military members who may not have access to computers.

The mail-in curriculum will allow parents to better home-school their children without the demands of the required internet and technology.

However the situation is dealt with; parents and educators agree that something should be done to help students from kindergarten to 12th grade complete their education.

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