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Fishing-girlIf there’s a listing of treasured and traditional outdoor activities for families and friends in Canada, then that list will include fishing. Fishing, whether done in freshwater or the seas, is a popular activity among millions of Canadians. This is no longer surprising knowing how diverse and rich the natural resources in Canada. There are more than a million rivers, lakes and streams in the country, on top of its three oceans. Aside from recreational fishing, Canada is also known for its commercial fishing, making it one of the most valuable in the world. Commercial fishing in the country contributes CAD $5 billion yearly and creates more than 120,000 jobs making it a thriving industry. But for tourists and residents, it’s recreational fishing that makes this country a wonderful place to visit and live in. Thanks to its valuable contribution to the economy and its popularity among locals and residents, an organization has decided to sponsor a ‘National Fishing Week’, a celebration of this thriving industry and activity set for the first week of July.

Celebrate Fishing, Join the Fun

The planned National Fishing Week is a perfect opportunity to show support to an industry and a recreational activity that helps define this country. On the scheduled week, anyone can join the celebrations and join in the fishing activities in some of the fishing spots in the country. You don’t need to be an expert in fishing to join the fun; if you love the waters and fishing, then you are welcome to take part in this annual activity.

To join the fun, you need to prepare and bring all the fishing essentials that can promote a safe and successful fishing expedition. Although this is not a dangerous recreational activity, it still pays to prepare and complete the recommended equipment and supplies. To get started, you should bring some bait or fishing tackle, fish hooks, fishing rod and reel, fishing line, bobber and a box where you can store everything. You can also bring kayak fish finders in case you want to travel using a kayak. It is also best to prepare the right clothes and accessories so you’ll be comfortable throughout the fishing expedition. Aside from wearing the most comfortable clothes, it pays to also bring insect repellent, a first aid kit and a Personal Floatation Device or PFD.

Other Fun Water-Based Activities to Consider

Aside from swimming and fishing, there are other fun activities too that can be done to complement fishing.  Another fun activity is to go kayaking. Kayak is a traditional means of transportation for many, and has worked for many fishing professionals and enthusiasts. Compared to other means of transportation on water, a durable double kayak is considered an environmental and healthier option compared to motorized bancas.

This July, there’s another reason to go out and go fishing in Canada. Relax and enjoy the great outdoors through fishing, and throw your support for a thriving tourist activity and industry.

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