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For many individuals and savvy tourists with thousands of miles under their belts, traveling means getting out of the country to explore what regions and countries have to offer. Traveling is all about discovering a new destination, a new locale, that can be explored and can serve as an opportunity for new cultural learning, thus many decide to check out what other countries and regions have to offer. This has been the trend for years in different countries, among different nationalities, including Canadians. Their choices are based on experience- if they book a plane ticket to visit other countries, then they will face better options when it comes to discovering new culture and tapping into new experiences. Today, a trend is starting to shape up among travelers, at least in the choices of destinations. According to one latest poll, Canadians are now starting to change their plans, and see their home country as a viable travel destination.

Respondents say Canada has something for everyone

Based on the survey results commissioned by Historica Canada, it was found out that nearly 70 percent of the respondents agreed that the country offers something for everyone. And because Canada offers all the best things and experiences for travelers, many Canadian travelers are now looking at what the country has to offer. Also, nearly a third of the respondents say that the country is also a great place to start a home, but not an interesting location to visit.

For travelers and respondents who say that they are willing to discover what Canada has to offer, many of them have signified their interests to visit Quebec or Ontario. This is not surprising since Ontario is one of the most diverse travel spots in the country. A visit to Ontario is never complete without including a tour of the Niagara Falls, a traditional romantic spot for many couples. Algonquin Provincial Park is also in the area, and great for couples and friends who want to explore nature. The great thing about these locations is that you can wear comfortable clothing including pants and fashionable leggings, and just add a coat or sweater in case the weather starts to get cold. Food is never a problem when traveling since many of the tourist spots feature bars and restaurants. But travelers and tourists can also pack sandwiches or side veggies and fruits, with hummus on the side for an extra treat. Aside from Ontario, some respondents of the survey also selected British Columbia.

Staycation, here to stay

Whatever the chosen location, the trend is clear. When it comes to traveling and relaxation, many individuals are now looking at the possibility of enjoying one’s home country. This trend is not new, and not unique to Canadian travelers. This trend is now felt worldwide, and experts call this development as staycations.  In staycations, individuals and groups of friends will decide to stay at home, book a room at the hotel or resort and spend their time. For many who tried this approach, they agreed that this arrangement gave them a better opportunity to have fun and relax.

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