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Benefits of Group ExercisesThere’s no denying that exercise is a requirement when it comes to losing weight and keeping healthy. This serves as the motivation for many individuals to take up exercise, and include physical activity into their daily or weekly regimen. It is no longer surprising to hear stories about individuals setting up their own home gym, or signing up for a gym membership so they can find time to exercise. But there’s a growing awareness and belief among researchers that exercising in a group may deliver better results. There are a number of studies that raised this concern, including an Ohio State University study that suggests group exercise programs can improve the health of women who are battling early-state breast cancer.

What Makes a Group Exercise Unique

Simply put, a group exercise is performed and completed by a group of participants headed by an instructor. There are a number of group exercise formats available including core conditioning, aerobics, yoga, dance choreographed to music, Pilates and muscle conditioning. The actual exercise program will ultimately depend on the dance studio or club, or the experience and expertise of exercise instructors. Group exercise can also happen outdoors. For example, joining a rowing or kayaking club in the neighborhood can help you exercise in an open environment. Just prepare your own dependable kayak, and you can join a group of enthusiasts in paddling through the rivers and streams. You can also join a local tennis or badminton club, and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals who play the sports, and guided by officials.

Benefits of Group Exercises

One common reason why many individuals quit their exercise program or postpone the exercise at a later date is boredom. When done alone, exercise can become a duty and chore,thus can become tiring and boring in the long term. This is addressed by group exercise, and ensures that everyone will join the program for the long haul. Group exercise inserts the elements of ‘social’ and ‘fun’ which are not present if you go for it alone. It is more fun and entertaining to complete the exercise routines with friends who will provide support, and laugh with you even if you are muscles are aching. Also, the great thing about exercising in groups is that it allows you to have a back-up and support in case of emergency. This is helpful during kayaking since an extra person in the kayak can easily provide you with help during emergencies.

Exercising with a group of friends and individuals with the same objective will also make the experience more manageable and easy. If you are having problems with the exercise routines or programs, you can always turn to the other members and ask for help. They can show you the moves so you can easily execute the program. The presence of social interaction in a group exercise program can serve as the biggest motivation for individuals to sign up for the exercise program and complete it even in the face of difficulties.

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