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Design and BrandingWhen it comes to eating out and the choice of restaurants and cafes to visit, many individuals, Canadians included, will focus on the quality of food and drinks. The choice to put a premium on food is not surprising; people want to relax and eat, and the food should help them relax and forget about the worries. For 63 percent of the Canadians, eating out is a luxury, thus they expect only the best food quality. Aside from food quality, many frequent diners also look up to service quality. Eating out and date nights are supposed to be the right time to relax, thus they only expect the best service possible. But there’s another element that can help restaurants sell more, and book more seats. According to some industry insiders, the design of the restaurant will also influence the success of the business.

Design should go beyond the basics

Restaurants and bars are expected to subscribe to some basic elements when it comes to restaurant design. When it comes to designing restaurants, planners and managers should make sure that there are enough tables and chairs that can seat the expected number of guests. Also, candles may be added to the tables to add a dash of style and elegance, and the menu card should be properly printed and readable. Unfortunately, not all restaurants in the business have covered these details and elements confidently.

Good design for restaurants should cover the basics, but restaurant owners who want to enjoy better success should focus on more. There should be drama and attention to details when it comes to design, and it should promote better dining experiences. Aside from a state-of-the-art kitchen that comes complete with restaurant-quality rice cooker and other modern kitchen equipment like ovens and immersion blenders, restaurants should also allow diners and customers to tap into a different kind of experience. The choice of chairs, tables and other accents should appeal to perceptions and manipulate emotions, and even increase the appetite for food.

Specific designs for stairs, tables and chairs

For restaurants with second floors, the challenge is to make customers take the stairs and check out the offerings on the second floor. To do this, owners should make the climb an experience in itself. This can be done by adding a sculpture, or other works of art. Chairs and tables too should be arranged in style and based on the kinds of experience that you want to promote inside the restaurant. Tables and chairs should not be arranged simply to accommodate guests. These should be arranged to provide different kinds of experiences, from firmness, openness to grandeur. How you choose the seats and arrange these can spell the difference between a boring night, and an intimate one. It can also help if there are a series of arches where servers and food attendants can come through, which can help build excitement and anticipation. All these details can help transform a restaurant from a business that offers food, to a place that offers a relaxing and gastronomic experience.

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