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Constipation: A Disconcerting State for a Dog

If you have a dog taking care of him is one of your biggest priorities. They become a big part of your family and making sure they stay with you for a long time is crucial. Sometimes your dogs have conditions that make it a little more challenging for you to make sure they stay healthy. There are some medications available that will help your dog live a much more comfortable life if they suffer from conditions due to aging and breed. Here are a couple of medications that can help your dog to live a longer and much happier life.



Previcox for dogs is standardly used when they grow older and develop osteoarthritis. If your dog has some type of orthopedic surgery, this is drug is also given to your dog as an anti-inflammatory.  While it is primarily used for arthritis it can also be used for bone and muscle injuries in your dog. As with any type of drug, there are some side effects that are most common when you give your dog Previcox.

This drug can also be used as a method of chemotherapy for dogs who have developed tumors and/or cancer. Regardless of the reason your dog takes this medicine, it is important to know that they must be closely monitored and have regular blood tests through your veterinarian.

Many owners may owners may wonder what it is they can do when their dog is constipated. There are medications available that you can give to your dog if they have this side effect to other medications or they are constipated for other concerning reasons.

Liquid Paraffin is the most common drug that is used as a treatment for constipation in dogs. You will have to take the dog to the vet to get this medication as it has to be put into their mouth with a syringe. This medication can help with your dog’s constipation by loosening the stool and making it easier for your dog to have a bowel movement. Sometimes simply giving your dog a little extra fiber will make it easier for him to go and will be less of a problem if he is given acepromazine.

If you are preparing for a trip or a stressful situation for your pet you should talk to your vet before making any decision on what to give them. You could be putting them at more risk without consulting a professional. While some medicines for your pet are a good idea, others can be risky so make sure you talk to your vet before making any big decisions.

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