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brooklyn-officeIn today’s job market, having a willingness to move to where the work is often determines one’s ability to stay employed. That fact is quickly becoming reality in Canada, where the latest Randstad Workmonitor survey indicates more Canadians than ever are actively looking for a new job. The survey’s fourth-quarter results, which have risen the index to 105, point to a significant increase from third-quarter findings. Currently at levels not seen since the first two quarters of 2011, the numbers show an ever-increasing number of Canadians being willing to move wherever they need to in order to be employed.

Globally, there has been no other country with more movement in the labor market than Canada. The country’s 12 point increase from the previous quarter puts it ahead of such countries as Belgium, Switzerland and Argentina. Other countries, such as Singapore, have experienced sharp declines in the fourth-quarter. This level of mobility within the country has led many employers to be very excited about the prospects of attracting top-level talent. When more employees are willing to take jobs that require travel, organizations across the country are able to find the talent they wish to help fulfill their company’s objectives and goals.

According to various industry experts, many Canadian companies have become very frustrated in the last several years with the lack of workers willing to change jobs. Failure to attract the best employees often forces companies to scale back their plans and profit potential, leading to disappointing industry results. But as the talent pool increases across the country, a recruiting war for talent begins to emerge. The companies that invest heavily in their recruiting strategies and employer brand are the ones who come out on top, and those with a comprehensive understanding of the job market usually gain the upper hand in attracting the best workers. As more and more workers become willing to move to other jobs, the job market in Canada continues to look promising.

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