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Cooking is an art 1Cooking is an art I learnt from my mother. I have been practicing it for years, and for sure I can say I am pretty good at it. Being a single parent didn’t give me a second option, I had to learn how to cook. Initially, almost everybody used to criticize my cooking. But armed with determination, I was patient to learn the art and probably get recognition someday.

It is true that the world is changing pretty fast. Today there are no specific roles for men and women. Men can nowadays comfortably do what women were doing in the kitchen, while women are comfortably taking roles that were considered manly. Most men dread going to the kitchen but things are fast changing. Actually, the kitchen has become the new cave for men. The men’s role as the family’s sole bread winner is fast changing and being replaced with a new status – family’s only bread maker. In my case, this is how I like to view it.

Initially, it would be tough when deciding what to cook for my two little boys. The whole thing about balancing diets was giving me a hard time. Lucky enough, I had learnt some basics from my mother that saw me going.  My first days in the kitchen were hectic. Just like most men, my ability to multi task is below par compared to that of women. Many are the times when I forgot to check on food which could easily burn. Sometimes it would call cooking a whole new meal.

Most men will think that cooking a good meal is easy. To them, it only a matter of checking a unique recipe online and putting their hands into the act. To their surprise, they end up cooking some of the most awful foods a normal being can consume.

Cooking is an art that calls for patience and dedication. Some of the most novice male cooks either learnt the trade from their mothers or teachers who were really good at it. I was lucky to learn the trade early from my mother. To add to it, I had to enroll for a short course in cookery.

From my experience, there are three things that will help a man perform wonders in the kitchen. These are what you cook, how you cook it, and what you cook it with. Firstly, one has to come up with a good recipe of the meal being prepared. Then you have to know when to put what ingredient. Then lastly one should be keen on the choice of cookware.

My first embarrassing moment occurred with guests in my sitting room waiting for dinner and rice burning in the kitchen. I could do nothing to hide the burnt smell as it spread around the whole living room. One of the guest joked about the burning rice and recommended that I should probably get an electric rice cooker that had automatic timing.

It is important to have the right appliances in the kitchen. When shopping for electronic gadgets to fill the living room, consider having the right appliances for use in the kitchen. For instance, I consider it healthier to use my ice cream maker and have a homemade ice cream for my boys than buying ice cream from the stores.

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