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Pic by striatic.

Pic by striatic.

As educational budgets around Canada continue to vary, the question has been raised as to whether or not Canadian teacher’s salaries vary as much as in the United States. The truth is that while pay rates do vary more in Canada, they are higher than the average teacher pay in the US. For instance, in the Northwest Territories of Canada, teachers who are just starting out could make as much as $60,000.00 per year.


Conversely, Texas teachers make significantly less than in other places in the United States. For experienced teachers in the United States, wages are stagnant in states like North Carolina, but in some Canadian provinces, experienced teachers can make almost $90,000.00.

However, Canadian teachers should understand that a quality teacher is much more likely to draw a quality salary. For Canadian teachers who wish to increase their salary base, here are a few suggestions to consider.

1. Moving To Farther Territories

Teachers in the Northwestern Territories do tend to make more annually than their counterparts in the busier southern territories. For teachers who are looking for a larger salary, they may opt to seek employment in more rural areas that may be too far from the nearest school districts to send their kids regularly. Teachers in these areas make more money as they are more isolated than their counterparts.

2. Seek Additional Education

Canadian Teachers who want to increase their earning potential may opt to seek additional graduate level training. Additional graduate level training in subjects like mathematics and English can mean salary improvements for teachers who pursue them. Teachers with graduate level education also have an opportunity for higher paid school administrative positions such as that of principal or vice principal.

3. Learn Better Teaching Techniques

To improve their teaching quality, some teachers may opt to take educational classes to help them better incorporate technology into their classroom. Such classes can also help teachers learn innovative teaching practices to help ensure that students are learning and absorbing the material being presented. Combined with experience, innovative teaching techniques are a great way for teachers to set themselves apart and earn better salaries.

While Canada’s teacher pay does vary, in most areas there is plenty of room for advancement. Teachers seeking additional pay should take the time to search positions they may wish to have and learn what the requirements are for such positions. By advancing their education and teaching techniques; Canada’s teachers allow themselves greater opportunities for financial advancement.

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