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adult acneWhen one mentions the word ‘acne’, one of the usual comments made by people is that this is a problem of teens. Well, this perception is not without basis, knowing how persistent acne is among teens around the world. According to experts, roughly 85 percent of the teens develop acne, thus making this a skin condition that comes with age. For many teens, getting into high school is never enough if your skin does not develop acne. In fact, acne has become an irony for many teens out there. At a time when teens are more concerned with the way they look, acne takes control, and in the process affecting the self confidence of teens around the world. While acne has become a common problem for teens, keep in mind that this health concern is not just a concern among teens. According to recent studies and trends, acne is also a skin condition that affects adults.

How acne develops among adults

Just like acne in teens, acne among adults are caused by a number of factors. For example, acne may develop among women due to changes in the hormones. Acne will usually develop during menstruation, or when the person is expecting. Acne will also develop if the person reaches menstruation.

Experts also agree that acne may develop in case you start or stopped taking the medications. For example, if you normally took birth control spills and you have decided to stop taking the medications, then the skin usually develop acne. Taking some medications may also cause acne breakouts. In case acne develops because you have taken medications, don’t just stop the intake of medications; make sure you talk with a health professional.

Did you know that acne also develops because of stress? If you feel anxiety attacks and you constantly worry, then expect acne to form. This is due to the over-production of androgens, which push the oil glands and put pressure on the hair follicles.

Finally, acne among adults will occur if the wrong skin products are used on the skin. Pay attention to the quality of skin and hair products. Look for products that will not clog your pores, otherwise these products will cause acne.

What to do with adult acne?

There are a number of ways on how to treat acne, and some of the tested and effective approaches involve the use of topical treatments. Most topical treatments are available over-the-counter like benzoyl peroxide and other antibiotics. Sometimes, the best treatment for acne are not bought in the drug store, but can be found in the kitchen. That’s right, in your effort to stop acne, you also need to count on organic and natural solutions. Did you know that apple cider vinegar can also work against acne? Apple cider vinegar can help unclog and cleanse your skin pores, thus help in preventing and treating acne. You can use this approach in case you want an alternative and all-natural approach towards treating acne.

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