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4 Must-Have Small Kitchen AppliancesRefrigerators are essential. Ovens and dishwashers are pretty much a given. Micro-waves…same thing. These are the bigger guys we rely on for every-day use. But what’s hip re-garding the little guys? You know, the smaller appliances that go in and out of style. We usually don’t think of them nearly as much. But, right now, there are a few that have managed to prove their worth.


Food Processors

What can you do with a food processor? The better question is, what can’t you do? This conve-nient appliance is there for you when you’re in a hurry, and even when you’re not. Food proces-sors are great because they negate the need for manual chopping or mashing of ingredients. Instead, throw everything in and let it go! Food processors can allow you to easily make hum-mus, soup, blend fruits and veggies into juice, and more. Check out this page for more informa-tion on small food processors if you’re considering one.


Ice Cream Makers

Did you know you can make your own ice cream easily at home? If you didn’t…you do now! Ice cream makers are completely automatic, and they make more than just ice cream—they make frozen yogurt and sorbet, too! Many can be bought for less than $100, but it depends on the fea-tures you want. Here is a detailed guide on using these machines.


Coffee Makers

Coffee and tea makers have been around for a while. You’ve probably heard of them or seen them, or maybe you have one yourself. If not, you should consider one—especially if you aren’t a morning person and need that dose of caffeine the instant you get out of bed.

By now, most people are familiar with Keurig. However, there are many varieties of coffee mak-ers out there, and their benefits are universal. They’re speedy and easy to use. Additionally, they won’t consume a lot of energy. They’re convenient and portable; you can take one to work, if you should choose to do so. As long as you have an outlet nearby, in fact, you have an oppor-tunity to make an instant hot beverage.


Rice Cookers

Rice cookers are fantastic. They’re very common nowadays, but for those of you who haven’t experienced their convenience yet…do so, quickly! They’re great for making rice in nearly any style imaginable, from brown rice to sushi rice. With rice cookers, perfect rice is possible every time you use one. Just make sure you know how to use it first!
For every-day convenience, these are some of the best products around. If you’ve been thinking about treating yourself to a little kitchen appliance improvement, consider adding one to your list.

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