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3D printing Patent Filled By Razor Manufacturing Giant

3D printing is causing a revolution amongst lots of manufacturing giants. Gillette is one such manufacturer that has realized the potential of 3D printing and as such they have filed a patent. Early attempts at 3D printing of razor blades produced blades which deformed in hot water, but the fact that a patent has now been filed suggests that these early hiccups have been averted.
This does not necessarily mean that Gillette will mass produce their razor blades using this technology, instead it is thought that they will use 3D printing as a tool to allow them to create new prototypes and designs of razors.
More and more people are choosing electric razors over manual razors. Electric razors offer a convenient and time effective way to remove unwanted hair from anywhere on the body. Technology is allowing new improvements to electric razors, gone is the day of one size fits all.  The best electric razors incorporate a body which is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre around the contours of your body.
Faster motors allow a cleaner, closer shave without causing razor burn or skin irritation. A good shaver allows you to adapt the shaving mode to allow for sensitive or normal skin and should be able to deal with a variety of different hair types, whether coarse or silky.
Pivoting heads allows the shaver to remove flat lying hairs without any added pressure, and also allow you to reach any crevices where you wish hair to be removed from.
Most electric shavers allow you the option to shave wet or dry skin.
When choosing an electric shaver you need to think whether you wish it to be only mains operated or if you wish the flexibility of it also being battery charged.
When choosing a razor it is a good idea to read through several reviews. Think about the primary use of your shaver- is it for facial hair, body hair or to shave your head? Other things to consider is how portable you need your shaver to be, how easy is it to clean the shaver and most importantly what your budget is.

3D printing Patent Filled By Razor Manufacturing Giant Credit Picture License: Daniel Kulinski via photopin cc

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