U.S savings bonds

As you are probably aware all investment carries an element of risk, it can be a hard act trying to balance risks and returns especially when the market is so volatile. Although it is tempting to invest in safe investments, it should be realised that these will not provide you with any high returns and are often a long term option. If you are looking for high returns then you will need to be brave […]

How Intellectual Property Rights Negatively Affected Your Morning Shave

Razor and razor blades are big business. When a manufacturing company designs a new innovation regarding shaving they immediately patent it, so that other manufacturers don’t use their breakthrough design. There is nothing new about this, manufacturer are always looking for the next big thing that will help their item outsell their rivals.   Over a 100 years ago the Gillette Safety Razor Company was founded following the invention by King Gillette of the safety […]

3D printing Patent Filled By Razor Manufacturing Giant

3D printing is causing a revolution amongst lots of manufacturing giants. Gillette is one such manufacturer that has realized the potential of 3D printing and as such they have filed a patent. Early attempts at 3D printing of razor blades produced blades which deformed in hot water, but the fact that a patent has now been filed suggests that these early hiccups have been averted.   This does not necessarily mean that Gillette will mass […]


Getting to know your pet is perhaps the main reason why people have them in the first place. It’s not for the plausible entertainment value of playing with your cat or dog, but it’s the fact that you are able to connect with something that isn’t human and have him/her rely on you and build a strong bond with you. Companion animals are full of mysteries, and unfortunately some of these mysterious are not so […]


You may get penny stock offers via email and delete them unread. You may have heard talk ranging from “buyer beware” to “get rich quick.” But what do you really know about investing in penny stocks? Penny stocks are low-cost stocks, usually under $5 and often under $1 a share, with a relatively small market capitalization. Capitalization is a company’s outstanding shares multiplied by share price. The definition for “small cap,” the term commonly used […]

student loan pay off

New college graduates average more than $29,000 in student loans these days. Getting that load of your back is one of the biggest worries you’ll have, after landing a job, of course. One of the many things to consider when you apply for student loans is how you’ll pay for them after graduation. For most people, a student loan is their first foray into debt. Since your student loans amount to a similar debt you […]


Finance jobs offer stability, good prospects, great salaries and low unemployment rates; the outlook is good, but as a new graduate, what can you expect? Entry level jobs in finance give you the opportunity to open the door to a great career. Among them are jobs as accountants and auditors.The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the addition of more than 166,000 jobs in these fields over the next decade. With a median salary of $63,550, […]

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