Diplomatic relations between Canada and Venezuela began in 1948 when the Canadian Consulate General opened in Caracas, Venezuela. The Consulate was updated to embassy within a short time and is now the Embassy of Canada in Venezuela. The Embassy of Venezuela in Canada represents Venezuela’s consular interests. Venezuela depends on imports for approximately two-thirds of its food requirements.   According to the Government of Canada website,, trade between Canada and Venezuela totaled $1.34 billion […]


Canadian winters are tough any year. The change in climate has made this winter an especially frigid winter for many parts of the country. It’s about that time when many Canadians start considering the possibility of taking a winter vacation getaway.   This year, more Canadians are dipping into their savings and other funding sources in order to make a vacation work. Even those who don’t normally take a winter vacation are saying no to […]


Many travelers choose their destination based on which places can offer them the most for less. The best destinations are hassle free to plan and have plenty of things for all types of travelers to do.   Sipping on a Pina Colada in Puerto Rico is appealing to many Canadians because, not only is the country a relatively short flight away, but the process for arrival does not require a lengthy visa process.   The […]

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As educational budgets around Canada continue to vary, the question has been raised as to whether or not Canadian teacher’s salaries vary as much as in the United States. The truth is that while pay rates do vary more in Canada, they are higher than the average teacher pay in the US. For instance, in the Northwest Territories of Canada, teachers who are just starting out could make as much as $60,000.00 per year.   […]

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  This past September, Alberta announced that it had cut more than 50%, or $ 13 million, from the school districts budgets for online education programs. This change will effect thousands of students who are either too far from their local school district or whose health demands regular absences, and will make it harder for them to get their education.   Even some elementary students are no longer guaranteed that their nearest school district will […]

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Substitute teachers are called occasional teachers in Canada. Their job is to teach classes when the regular teacher is sick or absent for various reasons. Professionals must have certain requirements to be able to stand in for teachers when they are off. Canadian occasional teachers must earn degrees for people entrusted to teach children and become fully certified before occasional teach.   Many Canadian teachers choose to occasional teach rather than taking a full-time position […]

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Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori once said, “The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six.” Indeed, a large amount of research indicates that important cognitive and motor skill development occurs before a child’s fifth birthday. Given the facts, it appears that Canadians would be wise to invest more in early childhood education.   An elementary school […]

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