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Introduction The word “biometrics” is derived from the Greek words ‘bios’ and ‘metric’; which means life and measurement respectively. This directly translates into “life measurement”. Biometrics is the science and technology of measuring and analyzing biological data. In information technology, Biometrics Devices refers to technologies that measure and analyze human body characteristics, such as DNA, fingerprints, eye retinas and irises, voice patterns, facial patterns and hand measurements, for authentication purposes. Why Biometric? Biometric is most […]

adult acne

When one mentions the word ‘acne’, one of the usual comments made by people is that this is a problem of teens. Well, this perception is not without basis, knowing how persistent acne is among teens around the world. According to experts, roughly 85 percent of the teens develop acne, thus making this a skin condition that comes with age. For many teens, getting into high school is never enough if your skin does not […]

Design and Branding

When it comes to eating out and the choice of restaurants and cafes to visit, many individuals, Canadians included, will focus on the quality of food and drinks. The choice to put a premium on food is not surprising; people want to relax and eat, and the food should help them relax and forget about the worries. For 63 percent of the Canadians, eating out is a luxury, thus they expect only the best food […]


For many individuals and savvy tourists with thousands of miles under their belts, traveling means getting out of the country to explore what regions and countries have to offer. Traveling is all about discovering a new destination, a new locale, that can be explored and can serve as an opportunity for new cultural learning, thus many decide to check out what other countries and regions have to offer. This has been the trend for years […]

restless lifestyle

My life is usually quite hectic. I am always working hard in my place of work and I hardly have time to relax or engage in other sociable or fun activities. I am however not complaining. I actually love my job. My dedication to my job is hugely self-driven. I am passionate about what I do and I love it when I get positive results from what I do. I work as a marketer. I […]


As people struggle to find solutions to their ever burgeoning weight, the debate continues to rage about the best ways of managing weight. The weight problem is an issue that people have been tackling for a long time and whereas a few people testify of having conquered this huge monster, many people still languish with the problem not knowing how to overcome their obesity and attain healthy or more preferred weights. The obesity problem in […]

Cooking is an art

Cooking is an art I learnt from my mother. I have been practicing it for years, and for sure I can say I am pretty good at it. Being a single parent didn’t give me a second option, I had to learn how to cook. Initially, almost everybody used to criticize my cooking. But armed with determination, I was patient to learn the art and probably get recognition someday. It is true that the world […]

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