Up and Coming Trends in Kitchenware

Kitchens are the crux of many homes. We eat, cook and hang out in them. There are intense conversations, long kisses and meals shared in them. There are also constant trends to keep up with and new things coming out every day to make your kitchen truly spectacular.   All-in-one Appliances   All-in-one or many-in-one appliances are quickly taking hold as space saving and money conscious trends. Any time it’s possible to purchase one thing […]

dog and children

Many families choose to bring a new pet, usually a dog, into the household soon after a baby is born, so that the pet and the baby can grow and bond together. As anyone who has owned a pet knows, bringing a pet into the household brings a whole world of responsibilities with it. Children who have the opportunity to grow up in a household with pets will learn valuable life lessons, from both their […]


Dogs and humans have been working together for years, each contributing to the relationship in their own way. Humans provide food, shelter, companionship and care; dogs provide security, companionship and love as well as a great hunting partner. The relationship between the two species has grown to the point that humans consider dogs to be a part of their family. Most dogs today spend more time inside the house than they do outside, which may […]


Gastritis can be uncomfortable as it is the lining of the stomach becoming inflamed. Some people will experience pain in their abdomen which can radiate around to the back, while others have no symptoms at all. Gastritis can cause vomiting, nausea, bloating and belching, weight loss that is unexplainable and loss of appetite. Gastritis can be caused by consuming too much alcohol, and can also develop after one has surgery, burns, a severe infection or […]

an apple a day keeps the doctor away

There are so many corny sayings for it they tend to just blur together; an apple a day keeps the doctor away, you are what you eat; man does not live by bread alone, etc. The funny thing is that they are actually true. Try to survive on bread and you’ll blow up like a balloon, and eating an apple each day will give you fiber, vitamins and minerals to help avoid doctor visits. The […]

U.S savings bonds

As you are probably aware all investment carries an element of risk, it can be a hard act trying to balance risks and returns especially when the market is so volatile. Although it is tempting to invest in safe investments, it should be realised that these will not provide you with any high returns and are often a long term option. If you are looking for high returns then you will need to be brave […]

How Intellectual Property Rights Negatively Affected Your Morning Shave

Razor and razor blades are big business. When a manufacturing company designs a new innovation regarding shaving they immediately patent it, so that other manufacturers don’t use their breakthrough design. There is nothing new about this, manufacturer are always looking for the next big thing that will help their item outsell their rivals.   Over a 100 years ago the Gillette Safety Razor Company was founded following the invention by King Gillette of the safety […]

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