The Worst Kind of Creepy Crawlies

I’m sure all of us have certain animals in mind that just creep us out. For many of us, spiders seem to be the worst. Maybe it’s the long legs, or the many eyes, or maybe it’s the way move – whatever it is, spiders seem to creep us out the most. So I ask the question: what could make a spider even creepier? When it comes to animals, and more specifically insects, there come […]

Leaving Animals Out In The Cold

Believe it or not, even though most animals are quite resilient when it comes to their environment and surroundings, many animals have to be in the right climate to survive. Even though humans can survive in tropical weather, but also head North and live in the arctic, animals don’t necessarily have all the resources that we do to be able to pull that off. This is why it is so important that you are wary […]

How To Build Your Credit Score

Your credit score is a very important piece of information that will follow you throughout life. It is a three digit number that determines and displays your credit history. This number is based off of your credit report.Just like a test score in school, it is good to have a high credit score. Lenders use this number to determine if you should receive a loan. A low credit score leads them to believe that you […]

4 Must-Have Small Kitchen Appliances

Refrigerators are essential. Ovens and dishwashers are pretty much a given. Micro-waves…same thing. These are the bigger guys we rely on for every-day use. But what’s hip re-garding the little guys? You know, the smaller appliances that go in and out of style. We usually don’t think of them nearly as much. But, right now, there are a few that have managed to prove their worth.   Food Processors What can you do with a […]

Up and Coming Trends in Kitchenware

Kitchens are the crux of many homes. We eat, cook and hang out in them. There are intense conversations, long kisses and meals shared in them. There are also constant trends to keep up with and new things coming out every day to make your kitchen truly spectacular.   All-in-one Appliances   All-in-one or many-in-one appliances are quickly taking hold as space saving and money conscious trends. Any time it’s possible to purchase one thing […]

dog and children

Many families choose to bring a new pet, usually a dog, into the household soon after a baby is born, so that the pet and the baby can grow and bond together. As anyone who has owned a pet knows, bringing a pet into the household brings a whole world of responsibilities with it. Children who have the opportunity to grow up in a household with pets will learn valuable life lessons, from both their […]


Dogs and humans have been working together for years, each contributing to the relationship in their own way. Humans provide food, shelter, companionship and care; dogs provide security, companionship and love as well as a great hunting partner. The relationship between the two species has grown to the point that humans consider dogs to be a part of their family. Most dogs today spend more time inside the house than they do outside, which may […]

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